The Payroll is intended to calculate the salaries of employees of the company and to submit tax reports. In addition, the Payroll compiles the necessary entries in the Financial Module. Read More

Sales management

The Sales Management Module contains various sales support registers such as sales orders, offers, prices and price lists. Read More

Logistics and warehouse

The Logistics and Warehouse Module provides the user with real-time information about the stock in the warehouse. It is also suitable for simultaneous management of several different warehouses. The Standard Books’ Logistics Module provides you with detailed information about the stock in the warehouse, as well as what items have… Read More


All Standard Books business software modules are well-integrated to API. The API is suitable for all businesses that have, for example, an online store or several different software tools, between which information must be exchanged quickly and automatically. All Standard Books business software modules are well-integrated to the API. In addition to… Read More

Customer Management – CRM

The Customer Management Module (CRM) is a simple and convenient tool for tracking customer contacts and planning a workflow. Through the Customer Management Module, the information about the entire company and customers is in one place, so there is no need to spend time entering information multiple times or searching… Read More


The financial module is the heart of the accounting system. All accounting records (entries) generated in other modules and created by hand are aggregated here. Financial statements, simulations, budgets and budget corrections, account comparisons, simple errors corrections in entries, repetitive entries, entry examples, multi-level analysis, flexible management and financial statements,… Read More

Cash sales (POS)

Standard Books’ Cash Sales (POS) module contains all the necessary retail functionality. The Cash module is fully integrated with the general ledger and stock module, so it’s always possible to get a real-time overview of the company’s sales or inventory, as well as customer-specific information. The module offers an ideal… Read More

Sales Ledger

The Sales Ledger modul allows issuing invoices to the customer, monitor receipts and advances while ensuring strict credit checking. The module also helps assess work efficiency by reporting sales rewards, compiling customer reports and performing cost-benefit analyzes. Read More

Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger Module allows you to verify the payment of the invoices of suppliers. In case of regular purchase invoices, the Standard Books’ Purchase Ledger Module also allows automatic invoicing to be made, saving time. Read More

Fixed assets

The Fixed Assets Module allows you to monitor and manage the company’s fixed assets. The module supports keeping book depreciation values records and preparing tax reports. Read More


The Expenses Module makes keeping in-house cost accounting and reporting quick and easy. Standard Books’ Cost Accounting Module loses the need to generate expenditure reports manually. Read More


The Contracts Module module allows you to generate periodic invoices for multiple customers at once. You can enter various products or services in the contract and automatically generate invoices according to the current prices. The Contracts Module allows periodic settlement from maintenance contracts to rental, membership and tuition fees. Contract… Read More