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The most comprehensive business software in Latvia!


A wide range of different modules

The Standard Books business software has nearly 30 modules, to support the daily business of businesses. Including accounting, sales management, maintenance service, logistics, property management, customer management, manufacturing, and many other tools for business analysis and business management.

Cloud-based business software.

Database queries take only a few moments.
Automatic updating of the software always provides the latest features.
The software is always compatible with the latest tax changes.
Data is always securely protected and backed up.

Business software open for interfacing

The API is suitable for all businesses that have, for example, an online store or several different software tools, between which information must be exchanged quickly and automatically. All Standard Books business software modules are well-integrated to the API.

In addition to retrieving the information from the right place, the API has a significant value for those who use different tools for business analysis. The Standard Books API helps you transport the right data to the correct system in the right format. Connecting Standard Books or Standard ERP with other software is not alien to us and will help you wisely use the data in your business.

Send and receive E-invoices

In order to send the e-invoices, You have to conclude an agreement with
the operator. There are several e-invoice operators in Estonia and their
information systems are interconnected. Standard Books supports four
service providers. This means that You are free to choose the most
suitable operator, and the Standard Books business software will
perfectly cope with generating, sending and receiving of e-invoices.

Efficient and user friendly interface

A thoroughly developed user interface makes the operations performed in the business software significantly faster. Keyboard shortcuts and a multi-window system help facilitate work and provide an excellent overview.

Additionally, there are many clever options

Sales Management

Throughout the Sales Channel function, you can follow and manage the entire sales cycle comprehensively.

Data visualization Info

Convenient interface with data presentation tools. Possibility to keep the most important numbers on top.

Customer satisfaction survey Info

Integrated solution for asking customer feedback directly from the business software.

Easy to integrate

Over the flexible API interface, Standard Books can be combined with different external environments.

Convenient E-Invoicing solution

Standard Books supports the management of e-invoicing of different operators.

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Barba Zeme - Member of the Board
Barba Zeme
Member of the Board

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