OÜ Mööbliait: nearly 10 years of user experience

Tutvu käesolevas loos kasutatud moodulitega

Mööbliait started its operations in 1998. Their goal and purpose is to offer furniture with a historic flair. All furniture items from Mööbliait shops are unique in design and with timeless style.

which started selling antique and historical furniture more than 20 years ago, has become one of the leading home furniture sales companies in Estonia. Four stores and an e-store serve the customers both in Estonia and beyond state borders.

According to Kaisa Parksepp, the head accountant of Mööbliait, the whole system is kept together by the business software, which is used by all the employees. Mööbliait has used Standard Books nearly from the beginning. According to Kaisa, all of the company’s employees use the same business software, from the accountants to customer service providers. “We have 12 customer service agents and they all use Standard Books,” adds Kaisa. The customer service agents use the business software mostly to send invoices and to mark stock exchanges. Accountants and managers use the same business software.

“Standard Books is both easy to teach and easy to use. Since this business software has a long history and international roots, experienced accountants are often already familiar with it, “says Kaisa.

Mööbliait operates in a competitive retail business, which necessitates large storages and sufficient supplies. Working in multiple cities and multiple units sets requirements and expectations for business software. “Different departments must work hand in hand, including accounting, shop operations and stock management. Standard Books solves these issues for us, “says Kaisa.

In addition to shops, Mööbliait also puts an emphasis on a functioning online store and smart warehouse management, which also helps to serve customers in Latvia and Finland. However, the warehouse itself is located in Tartu. “The online store communicates independently with Standard Books and updates the inventory every night,” says Kaisa, who adds that manual data entry is not necessarily due to functional solution.

Kaisa said Excellent has been a good partner to Mööbliait for many years. “Their technical support has helped us with any issues we have had. The problems are solved quickly and the communications have been pleasant. In addition to that, we have always received advice from Excellent whenever we have introduced new solutions that could make our operations work even smoother.“

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Barba Zeme - Member of the Board
Barba Zeme
Member of the Board

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