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CH Konsultatsioon has provided accounting services and tax advice to companies for more than 10 years. With its headquarters in Estonia, it acts as one of the only Estonian consulting enterprises, which also provides accounting services in Finland.

Although CH Konsultatsioonid uses several different business software applications for provision of their services, Christer Haimi, chief executive officer, considers Standard Books as one with the best features, and their number 1 choice.

Why did you decide to use Standard Books to manage your business processes?

The cooperation between me and Excellent goes back to the early days of HansaWorld. Thus I can say that I’ve already used HansaWorld and Excellent’s solutions for about twenty years. I started CH Konsultatsioonid ten years ago, and this software has been used here from the very first day. Although at the time, it had a different name, it was similar in its structure, and I must say that Standard Books has advanced greatly over time.

At the time, Excellent’s business software was a trail blazer in its field. Certainly, it is one of the pioneers even today. It has created a trustworthy and productive partnership, which is why we at CH Konsultatsioonid continue using Standard Books software.

What are the benefits of Excellent business software solutions?

Identify some software functions or features that are especially important for your company or which have made your work much more effective?

As a universal service provider, we value Standard Books’ flexibility and ease of use the most. Standard Books allows to handle data with exact level of detail as you need, to look at aggregate reports and very detailed entries.

It is also important, that our accountants can operate simultaneously in several different windows. It helps to work with several different reporting and registry tasks at the same time, without interrupting work at hand. Many business software applications do not offer this option.

What you value most about Excellent as your partner?

We have been working with Excellent for a long time. What I have learned to appreciate the most, is Excellent’s customer support and the team that is always within reach. They are in the background and often invisible, but their support is immensely valuable and it is something that many other providers often fail to provide.

Would you recommend Standard Books for other enterprises? Why?

I do! Standard Books already has a wide range of basic solutions that cover the needs of any businesses. Its flexibility creates the opportunity to create special solutions that match the specifics of the company.

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Barba Zeme - Member of the Board
Barba Zeme
Member of the Board

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